Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our fabulous dog cognition!

Mom does research about evolution of the learning process since long time ago,  and people asked her since the beginning  why did she decide to ignore all the studies about  dog cognition. Her reasons are very simple: dogs are domesticated, so  we co-evolve with humans, and this is a very hard to ignore  all our the cultural traits of our behavior.

That's why mom tries focus on animals less socialized as squirrels and birds, since  it is possible to understand the most basics ways of learning without having to interpret cultural patterns.

However, this does not prevent her of occasionally scan my mind, sometimes in a very clear way, like when we walk, because it looks like she always allows me to choose where I want to go, but I think that she is actually analyzing the way  I take decisions and if I am able to hold my preferences.

She  does it sometimes when we play, and sometimes her opportunities simply come out of nowhere...

Few days ago mom, dad and I were in the bathroom, hoping that she could finish brushing her hair it. Suddenly she and dad began to play and in a blink  I lost her for a second. When I searched for her she had disappeared!, she was not in the room any more, only dad was  standing next to the window, looking at me!
I searched for her but I could not see her!!, however I could listen to her voice, very low, almost like if she was far, far away...  Since daddy was the only one in the room, an idea crossed my mind!: dad had had eaten mom!!!, because I believe that his voice came out from inside of him, there was not any other explanation!!...

I could not believe what happened in front of my eyes!, the alpha male ate mom, whole piece without leaving crumbs!. Dad smiled at me as if he was saying: Can you see what I am capable to do?

Suddenly mom jumped from behind dad, I could not believe my surprise!, she is stronger than all and she managed everything to come out from dad. They began to laugh and hugged me, until mom told me that when I lose sight of the objects, they do not  dissap
ear, I just don't see them.

Mom explained to me that this is an important step for human babies, and I had helped her to better understand the process. I was so good on her research that I won a cookie!, I still don't understand what I did, but who tells not a cookie?

I don't know about you, but if someone eats your mom, keep your eyes open very big, because no doubt there will be a side effect of such action and most likely is that they will learn something extraordinary!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy daddy's day

My dad says he is not my dad because I'm adopted, at least what everybody  believe!

I was not adopted by this family, I adopted them all!. When I saw them getting in the pet store that summer afternoon, I decided that they were going to take care of me for the rest of my life.

The first person I appropriated was my dad. I jumped so strongly to his arms that we both ended up on the floor. Then they took me home. Since then all of them have taken care of me, taking me to visit to my doctor, they have accompanied me to walk, and taking me to enjoy some trips.

They have ignored myfoolish behavior... Last time mom was traveled, I almost ate our door. I did not want to to break it!, but I've seen how everybody pull the door to open it, the only one problem was the absence of fingers in my hands, soI tried to pull with my mouth. I was sure eventually it was going to open!

Dad was not mad at me, he understood that the problem was that I don't like to be alone. Situations like make me to ensure that I have a dad who is going to take care of me and will let me eat things that mom does not approve.
Reasons like that let me write you this today, to my daddy, to tell you that no one asks if you want or not to be my dad, I decide and I have no doubt that you are the best Dad in the world and planets around, and I know very well that when you can read this, I will earn at least one Dorito  and mom doesn’t need to know. Don't worry daddy, this will be our secret!

Happy daddy’s day and to the rest of the calendar, happy day in Champy’s life!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why don't rain stop?

Someone forgot to read my emails. I was very clear saying that it’s perfectly fine a little rain to plants, but days and days of rain, can be really bad for doggy walk, it is frankly ridiculous!

How can I to go party if the rain falls during our rush hours?. Dogs have our commute, this is between 6 and 9 am. We make company toour owners to their morning walks, so they can wake up and discover that they have forgotten to do something, while we water plants and stretch our paws.

This morning for example, I struggled to wake up to my mom, when finally she woke up, she looked at her phone and said therewas no rain in the forecast. We got up and looked through the window and it was dry!, but when we opened the door, it seemed as if someone dumped a bucket of water on us. It was raining again!

So I have to change my schedule to carry out my missions.

Fortunately I have a very active social life, my friend Linda does not forget about  me, and every day she is sure that I take a walk with some of my friends. Sometimes I walk with Huntley and Brinkley, they are two old Golden Retriever. Sometimes I see Thor, he is a mix between Husky and Pit Bull; Although I can not forget my good friend Sophie!

Sophie like Thor are puppies who do not know when stop a game. They have such level of energy that make me feel dizzy, to the point when I ask them to stop, although I don't do it badly, it's just that I love peace and quiet moments, like those that I can have with  Huntley and Brinkley.

I have another friend, but I almost do not interact with him, his name is Andy. He is 15 years since some months ago. Like Bubu he is diabetic and blind, but I've seen it with his brothers.

So, our social life is damaged with so much rain which does not allow us to go for a walk. There have been days where I can barely go out few minutes to fulfill the missions require as a dog.

Although I've sent various messages so someone can close the heaven shower, it seems that plants are so happy and they do not conform with dogs water, no! they always want more, but mom says that we should not complain, because our gardens are very pretty.

But, when there is not rain, the humidity level does not make please our job. So when I can not walk at noon, mom and I go to my friend Linda's House and sit on her front porche to see life. Sometimes we eat watermelon and drink water when is very hot. We like to look at how the squirrels eat peanuts, while Sophie and I spent time together.

 I think that if someone asks me about my summer memories, I will say that I've been looking at life with a huge peace at noon from Linda’s front porche. There is nothing better than just looking without disturbing the ceaseless flow of existence.

Otherwise, mom and I have worked hard in the garden, trying to paint the world of colors, making a special space for the bees and butterflies and walked when the heat, high humidity or rain let us walk.

My dad bought us several trees that they begin to build a forest in our own backyard. They will no doubt eventually give us plenty of shade and I will not have complaints during the summer, because I do not really like the heat or rain.

Mom and I have started to plan a photo session with Lion King of the world and take pictures of flowers. Spring session was very productive, but Summer means new visual challenges that we will not let pass. We must remain active and encouragement. We know that Bubu would like to see us busy!

Monday, May 11, 2015

She left a month ago...

We feel her in every corner of our house and at every place that we walk. Neighbors and friends  ask for her, even people we never talked before. It is wonderful to know that she was not ignored!, many people showed us sympathy from best friends, to people who had contact with her and even those with whom we never talked before, think about her when they see us around. She will always be the best.

Bubu left a will and we openend only few days ago. We didn’t want to read her wishes, but she  wanted us so much that she thought about each one of us, knowing that we would miss her for ever. 

About Dad, she allowed him to have all the M & Ms he want to, without having to request permission to her anymore. Mom can have the flowers she wants, so recently, dad and I have been helping her to add to our gardens even more color. We know that Bubu would have liked to see them. She always helped mom to take care of them!

She left to  me an enormous work!, she began to prepare me long ago, even if I never saw it that way. It was her desire that I continue with her blog. I know that many of her  fans will not agree, but I think this is the best way to honor her departure at the same way that she lifted up the life.

At the beginning I told my parents that I was not ready... but if is a way to continue her legacy, as she would have liked, maybe I should begin. So here I am, trying to give continuity to her ideas. There will be times that don't do it well, but as she said: it is better a nice try that a bad excuse.

I really don’t know not know how to  continue her legacy, perhaps am I not the best?, she said that when she  chose as her brother, she knew well that I would be the best of the world... She was the best sister I could find. I give thanks to heaven for giving me the opportunity of being so close to her.

 Even though everybody  ask us if I will  have another sister, dad, mom, and I believe that we are not ready.

Yesterday marked one month of her departure. I didn't know how to react at beginning. Mom told me before about the death. She said that one day Bubu  would no longer be with us, but I could not imagine what those that meant. So when mom and dad got back home that afternoon, I did not stop to asking her what happened?, where is she?, but only mom and dad couldn’t stop crying. I think that we cry for long time, and then dad put photos of us so I never forget how much we loved eachother, but in my heart, I know that she accompanies me.

Bubu left me many things, not only her blog. She left me Piggy who I care well. I never before played with it since Piggy belonged Bubu, so that at the beginning was a little strange to have her with me, but Piggy needs me, so I give her a big hug everytime I got backfrom our walks.

Our best  friend Linda has provides a great support during this time. She invites me every day to walk, and it gives me encouragement to continue. We don't know how to thank her for being with us all this time.

Bubu loved the spring, so mom and I have gone to find photos. We want to show all the places that we saw together. Remember what she loved so much is helping us and so  we will continue, loving life as she taught us.

You will always be missed!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

I got back to heaven

I said goodbye to mom, dad and Champy yesterday
I left happy, no more syringes, no more medications, but so much love that I will have extra to share with other angels.
September 15, 2000- April 10th, 2015

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Contracts of life

Since three days ago I am officially 14 years and 6 months  old. I remember very clear when mom huged me by very first time and I felt her arms.

She received me with a piece of blanket, and no promises. None of us swore we would take care of eachother forever. We have not signed a contract, or define our obligations. 

We did not claim that our love would be forever, I did not say that I would not bite her. She did not suggest that she would prepare my food or clean up my butt. We did not signed any document, only we care and give us a love that only few can understand.

If someone had told me that she would use as a mouse of laboratory to her ideas, no doubt, I would have said: "no thanks, Bubu is not a good participant"; same as if I had told mom that she had to clean my poop, with no doubt she would have preferred to buy a book.

When someone knows us, show it to us!, like Champy who has care me since we met. He has bitten me only once!, but don’t take it wrong, he is not a bad brother, but I wanted to try his breakfast. 

Or what can I say about my grandmothers!, they  love me for who I am and not for what I could be. They do not see my blindness or my deafness, only look a Bubu and they are glad because I am still here, elebrating each day as if it were the last, as I have always lived.

A few days ago my doctor told mom that any day she decided would be okay to put me to sleep. Everybody wasscared, I had stomach ache!, so doctor said there is more nothing to do, that my kidney is broken. 

I have talked a lot with mom about it, because I have seen how she fixes my toys, and I wonder if she can not  glue my kidney, perhaps with some heavy duty thread, a little bit of special  glue and a kiss as she did it with cow or Lion King... but mom says that it is not possible to do that with my kidney.

So we enjoyed every second,  as we always have done it. No contracts or promises.

Like  flowers during spring, which already have sprouted to greet me!

We are walking again and feeling  the sun on my belly while we take care of our  garden. The adventure of life opens roads and I hope to have the opportunity to take a picture of me surrounded by tulips, because we work hard during the autumn to see them smiling in spring!

If you ask me what  love is, I would say that love is the smile that we give every morning, covered with kisses we buy while we dream, to all we want and. Love is the force that cures all diseases, like a needle and thread, only that when we break, that love keeps us in memory of those who we knew someday.

I asked mama do not cry for me when I leave, but she says that we've never made promises and we will not begin to spoil all this...

Monday, March 9, 2015


Today, after many battles I'm still here, smiling at life and I'm planning to rest a little bit more than yesterday, since I didn’t feel very well during the weekend, because  I had to get up to the bathroom more than usual. Fortunately I have no pain, just discomfort and I can not sleeping the way I like. However, I will not complain, because today mom touched my ear, as the way she always does it when she wants meto let me  know that everything will be ok.

Today when I woke up, mom took me  outside and by first time in weeks, it was fun hump and feel a little bit of grass, the snow begins to disappear and the grass finally is opening its path. There is nothing better than watching the winter leave and enjoy the spring and I have that feeling now, the same joy I have felt for so many years!, I can feel the sun ... Mom says it's possible to see the promises of the plants we sow during the fall!

Neighbors stopped to look at our garden a year ago, which  we filled with flowers during  the fall hoping to watch them bloom at the spring. Today I look forward to that cycle of life and light that gives us so much energy.

Today I decided that life is a full breath of sunshine, filled with love and pasting with hugs ofall we love, so I'm happy when dad gets back home from work and gives me a hug, or when mom cleans my mouth after eating. Life is made of those moments, and thos emoments wallow in emotions.

Today I decided it's not a good day to die, despite doctors, today I do not want leave. Today I will sleep peacefully on my bed, under my mom’s desk and I‘ll wait anxiously my dinner, and I will  do my work with pride melting snow, because mom has told me that maybe for the weekend  all of us could go out for a walk together and today, that  makes me happy.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Behind the scenes: Lion King of the world

When everyone find their own talent, life changes. Talent is something that makes us feel so much passion for an activity that we do not want to leave it, thus we accumulate so many hours of practice that gives us as a result to be the best on that we have chosen to do. It makes us special!

More than one year ago, during one of our trips, Champy and I had opportunity to share time with our Lion. It is only a toy, but after some deeply observation, we found out that it was able to achieve this aesthetic plasticity that only a great talent can have.

I convinced Champy and mom  that we should try to exploit that something special from our friend, so we started working during past summer in a project titled "Lion King of the World" which gave us lots of fun.

The first thing was to find the precise locations to engage with Lion talent. Champy was named project director and he  did not a difficult job finding several locations in our garden. Once we have chosen locations, we tried to plan the best time during the day to get a good light in order to develop our concept. While mom prefers morning and after 4 pm light, sometimes it was not possible to work during those hours, so we had several failed attempts.

Finding the location and prepare everything took us long time, and then explain to Lion exactly what we wanted became moments of fun. Sometimes we had everything ready and  Sun decided to hide,  or Lion refused to negotiate with gravity.

The first series was published last fall,  but honestly it did not have a good welcome from the critic. However mom  says, that the most  important thing is not to work for others but for ourselves. We have waited to have snow this year and convince Lion that give us any pose that is worthwhile to share. Although until now, the snow has not appeared.

If you want to see the complete series, you can find it at: Lion King of the World finds his talent

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Letter to Santa Claus

Come on Bubu, let's write our letter to Santa Claus, mommy said we had to do it today.

I'm coming!, I know  Santa is busy and that all letters must be on time, I’m coming!.

Well Bubu, don't forget to check all spelling and grammar, because we do not want to receive a pizza instead peace! 

Don't worry Champy, mom I taught to write correctly, although... 
what language speaks Santa? Because I write better in Spanish, but you do it better in English... but what about if he speaks Russian or German?

Dad says that Santa speaks the language of love, so perhaps we should put lots of hugs and smileys to help him to understand.

Well, what we should write?, how should we begin? Mr. Santa Claus?, or Dear Santa?... Mom says that we should not be rude, but honest we really don’t know him. We only know that he wears a red suit and a white beard, although his face is very sweet, as I remember...

I believe that we must write: Dear and sweet Santa Claus
Sounds well Champy!.

Mom said that we must tell him if we behave well or not, however it seems he knows if it's true or not. The other day I heard a song that says that Santa sees you when you are sleeping and when you are awake and he knows if you've been good or bad...

Then he is like mom and dad, they see everything...

Yes Bubu, it looks like that...

Then I do not think that we should write a journal...

Dad said the most important thing to do is to tell him what we want for this Christmas...

Well, then start you Bubu, girls first!

I want to ask him a little bit of sun, because this year we didn't have too much and our plants miss it. As Santa travels all over the world, he can bring us some from places where surplus, we don't want someone else suffering like us. We don't want much, just a little bit from a place with a lot of sun, like Hawaii.

Yes, I also want that! Because it is better when we walk with the Sun is around.

I want to ask him bring a lot of happiness to every child of the world and not to allow selfishness in the world. 

Yes, lately it seems that the world forgets that we share this tiny piece of universe.

I want him to bring me tea of fruits!

I think that you can ask that to mom…

Then I want Santa to bring me kisses from my grannies, I already miss them very much!

I want him to bring me more extraordinary moments, as all that I found when you adopted me.

And what can we ask for mom and dad?

Mmmmm...!We can ask more love for them!, although I believe that they already have a lot, and they share so much with us!, so a little bit more would be awesome!

Also I want all children to have a home, warm and full of peace and health, such as the one I found when I met you...

Yes, that's a good desire!.

Now, you only need write:


Bubu & Champy

P.S. Santa is real!, we have had many sunny days since Christmas!!:)