Monday, March 9, 2015


Today, after many battles I'm still here, smiling at life and I'm planning to rest a little bit more than yesterday, since I didn’t feel very well during the weekend, because  I had to get up to the bathroom more than usual. Fortunately I have no pain, just discomfort and I can not sleeping the way I like. However, I will not complain, because today mom touched my ear, as the way she always does it when she wants meto let me  know that everything will be ok.

Today when I woke up, mom took me  outside and by first time in weeks, it was fun hump and feel a little bit of grass, the snow begins to disappear and the grass finally is opening its path. There is nothing better than watching the winter leave and enjoy the spring and I have that feeling now, the same joy I have felt for so many years!, I can feel the sun ... Mom says it's possible to see the promises of the plants we sow during the fall!

Neighbors stopped to look at our garden a year ago, which  we filled with flowers during  the fall hoping to watch them bloom at the spring. Today I look forward to that cycle of life and light that gives us so much energy.

Today I decided that life is a full breath of sunshine, filled with love and pasting with hugs ofall we love, so I'm happy when dad gets back home from work and gives me a hug, or when mom cleans my mouth after eating. Life is made of those moments, and thos emoments wallow in emotions.

Today I decided it's not a good day to die, despite doctors, today I do not want leave. Today I will sleep peacefully on my bed, under my mom’s desk and I‘ll wait anxiously my dinner, and I will  do my work with pride melting snow, because mom has told me that maybe for the weekend  all of us could go out for a walk together and today, that  makes me happy.

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