Thursday, September 3, 2015

Our fabulous dog cognition!

Mom does research about evolution of the learning process since long time ago,  and people asked her since the beginning  why did she decide to ignore all the studies about  dog cognition. Her reasons are very simple: dogs are domesticated, so  we co-evolve with humans, and this is a very hard to ignore  all our the cultural traits of our behavior.

That's why mom tries focus on animals less socialized as squirrels and birds, since  it is possible to understand the most basics ways of learning without having to interpret cultural patterns.

However, this does not prevent her of occasionally scan my mind, sometimes in a very clear way, like when we walk, because it looks like she always allows me to choose where I want to go, but I think that she is actually analyzing the way  I take decisions and if I am able to hold my preferences.

She  does it sometimes when we play, and sometimes her opportunities simply come out of nowhere...

Few days ago mom, dad and I were in the bathroom, hoping that she could finish brushing her hair it. Suddenly she and dad began to play and in a blink  I lost her for a second. When I searched for her she had disappeared!, she was not in the room any more, only dad was  standing next to the window, looking at me!
I searched for her but I could not see her!!, however I could listen to her voice, very low, almost like if she was far, far away...  Since daddy was the only one in the room, an idea crossed my mind!: dad had had eaten mom!!!, because I believe that his voice came out from inside of him, there was not any other explanation!!...

I could not believe what happened in front of my eyes!, the alpha male ate mom, whole piece without leaving crumbs!. Dad smiled at me as if he was saying: Can you see what I am capable to do?

Suddenly mom jumped from behind dad, I could not believe my surprise!, she is stronger than all and she managed everything to come out from dad. They began to laugh and hugged me, until mom told me that when I lose sight of the objects, they do not  dissap
ear, I just don't see them.

Mom explained to me that this is an important step for human babies, and I had helped her to better understand the process. I was so good on her research that I won a cookie!, I still don't understand what I did, but who tells not a cookie?

I don't know about you, but if someone eats your mom, keep your eyes open very big, because no doubt there will be a side effect of such action and most likely is that they will learn something extraordinary!

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