Monday, May 11, 2015

She left a month ago...

We feel her in every corner of our house and at every place that we walk. Neighbors and friends  ask for her, even people we never talked before. It is wonderful to know that she was not ignored!, many people showed us sympathy from best friends, to people who had contact with her and even those with whom we never talked before, think about her when they see us around. She will always be the best.

Bubu left a will and we openend only few days ago. We didn’t want to read her wishes, but she  wanted us so much that she thought about each one of us, knowing that we would miss her for ever. 

About Dad, she allowed him to have all the M & Ms he want to, without having to request permission to her anymore. Mom can have the flowers she wants, so recently, dad and I have been helping her to add to our gardens even more color. We know that Bubu would have liked to see them. She always helped mom to take care of them!

She left to  me an enormous work!, she began to prepare me long ago, even if I never saw it that way. It was her desire that I continue with her blog. I know that many of her  fans will not agree, but I think this is the best way to honor her departure at the same way that she lifted up the life.

At the beginning I told my parents that I was not ready... but if is a way to continue her legacy, as she would have liked, maybe I should begin. So here I am, trying to give continuity to her ideas. There will be times that don't do it well, but as she said: it is better a nice try that a bad excuse.

I really don’t know not know how to  continue her legacy, perhaps am I not the best?, she said that when she  chose as her brother, she knew well that I would be the best of the world... She was the best sister I could find. I give thanks to heaven for giving me the opportunity of being so close to her.

 Even though everybody  ask us if I will  have another sister, dad, mom, and I believe that we are not ready.

Yesterday marked one month of her departure. I didn't know how to react at beginning. Mom told me before about the death. She said that one day Bubu  would no longer be with us, but I could not imagine what those that meant. So when mom and dad got back home that afternoon, I did not stop to asking her what happened?, where is she?, but only mom and dad couldn’t stop crying. I think that we cry for long time, and then dad put photos of us so I never forget how much we loved eachother, but in my heart, I know that she accompanies me.

Bubu left me many things, not only her blog. She left me Piggy who I care well. I never before played with it since Piggy belonged Bubu, so that at the beginning was a little strange to have her with me, but Piggy needs me, so I give her a big hug everytime I got backfrom our walks.

Our best  friend Linda has provides a great support during this time. She invites me every day to walk, and it gives me encouragement to continue. We don't know how to thank her for being with us all this time.

Bubu loved the spring, so mom and I have gone to find photos. We want to show all the places that we saw together. Remember what she loved so much is helping us and so  we will continue, loving life as she taught us.

You will always be missed!

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