Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Letter to Santa Claus

Come on Bubu, let's write our letter to Santa Claus, mommy said we had to do it today.

I'm coming!, I know  Santa is busy and that all letters must be on time, I’m coming!.

Well Bubu, don't forget to check all spelling and grammar, because we do not want to receive a pizza instead peace! 

Don't worry Champy, mom I taught to write correctly, although... 
what language speaks Santa? Because I write better in Spanish, but you do it better in English... but what about if he speaks Russian or German?

Dad says that Santa speaks the language of love, so perhaps we should put lots of hugs and smileys to help him to understand.

Well, what we should write?, how should we begin? Mr. Santa Claus?, or Dear Santa?... Mom says that we should not be rude, but honest we really don’t know him. We only know that he wears a red suit and a white beard, although his face is very sweet, as I remember...

I believe that we must write: Dear and sweet Santa Claus
Sounds well Champy!.

Mom said that we must tell him if we behave well or not, however it seems he knows if it's true or not. The other day I heard a song that says that Santa sees you when you are sleeping and when you are awake and he knows if you've been good or bad...

Then he is like mom and dad, they see everything...

Yes Bubu, it looks like that...

Then I do not think that we should write a journal...

Dad said the most important thing to do is to tell him what we want for this Christmas...

Well, then start you Bubu, girls first!

I want to ask him a little bit of sun, because this year we didn't have too much and our plants miss it. As Santa travels all over the world, he can bring us some from places where surplus, we don't want someone else suffering like us. We don't want much, just a little bit from a place with a lot of sun, like Hawaii.

Yes, I also want that! Because it is better when we walk with the Sun is around.

I want to ask him bring a lot of happiness to every child of the world and not to allow selfishness in the world. 

Yes, lately it seems that the world forgets that we share this tiny piece of universe.

I want him to bring me tea of fruits!

I think that you can ask that to mom…

Then I want Santa to bring me kisses from my grannies, I already miss them very much!

I want him to bring me more extraordinary moments, as all that I found when you adopted me.

And what can we ask for mom and dad?

Mmmmm...!We can ask more love for them!, although I believe that they already have a lot, and they share so much with us!, so a little bit more would be awesome!

Also I want all children to have a home, warm and full of peace and health, such as the one I found when I met you...

Yes, that's a good desire!.

Now, you only need write:


Bubu & Champy

P.S. Santa is real!, we have had many sunny days since Christmas!!:)

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