Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Eat and run

Ssshhhtttt, do not tell mom that you have seen me. I'm hiding from her. I do not want to eat but I can not play with her about or say that I don't want this or that, so when she  found me, she has the right to put a bite of food in my mouth and I must eat it with no complaints, but first she has to find me.

The truth is that I don't know why my stomach refuses to eat. Doctor and mom have no more hypothesis about my condition. My kidney is damaged but I don’t have all the symptoms. I can't be depressed because I was taking an antidepressant that was supposed would make me eat. Long ago they gave me that same pill and it needed less than a week before mom had to retire from  food, but this time it didn't work. Simply  I don't want to eat.

Occasionally, I run fast enough so mom  can not reach me so I well hide under her desk, but Champy says that she has eyes and ears everywhere, maybe she can listen to my breath, and when I less expect it, she opens my mouth to me and gives me another bite...

At times with a little effort I put  a bite into my mouth and I chew it, but sometimes with the same enthusiasm, I just... spit it... oops, It dropped!.

Mom tries everything she knows I like, for example, I like my food at room temperature, and please, don’t re heat it in the microwave!, I don’t like that...

Once I finish my food, I must let them stab my ears to find chocolates it is the way they check my glucose and this is very important since I can not regulate my glucose levels, one day I have them up an dthe next day they are down. If I receive too much insulin, that can cause me hypoglycemia, which is very dangerous for my brain, but if they do not give me enough, my kidney works harder, so nobody takes any risk, I must eat no matter how high or low I have glucose. Everyone also says that I should get strong, because the spring is already here!

I started feeling the change of the temperature, we went out to walk today and for the first time, we enjoy our walk for more than 2 minutes, sometimes I can go without sweater!, so I have no complaints, it was worth all the care and letting the numbers decide what to do with me. My life at the moment is tied to numbers and projections. 

I should run again, mom says that we should not eat front  the computer... but don't tell her that you found me, please and if she asks you tell her that it was worth reading my story.

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