Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Champ is my other brother, he is a lhasa apso and although that sounds like an expensive brand  of a elegant car, I can only say  he is my playmate and who cleans my dish  when I decide not to eat and he is always ready to tell mom and dad when I need something.

I know he misses me when I'm not close to him, we get apart only in special situations, but it makes clear that he need a sister. The circumstances brought us together when he needed a home and I a brother.

It's not that Benny was not enough, but it is clear that Benny is not going to play with me. It’s not that he does not love me; it's just that we have different tastes. He likes the tuna and I think there is no way to that can compete with something like chicken. But I think sometimes God allows us to have brothers made just for us and He put them into our homes to let us know we are not alone. This is how Champ and I met.

I had been only few weeks at the United States, and I had to suffer already a surgery to put my kidney somewhere in a trash bin and I finished under medication. Walking was not the most fun of the world so mom and dad thought I needed to have company to bring my soul up.

One day, my parents took me to a pet store, where we could see jumping from their windows all sorts of hairy balls. They let me interact with some of them, but they didn't need long time to make me feel angry and my mom was worried that I could attack them. Also my mom began to think that it was enough with having to attend me to begin to teach a puppy that only knew to bite feet and pee.

Someone suggested to mom and dad to adopt an adult dog and she gave them the address of an adoption center. We found the place and saw a vey thin dog. I know you do not see every day a Bubu, but she was so scary that we decided it was not necessary to cause her more tension. One person told us they had the perfect pet for us, she said it was a male dog, who came from another state because he had been waiting to be adopted for more than 4 months, it was sweet and very smart, but we would have to drive to another adoption center.

Dad headed our car to the provided address and the GPS showed an unknown area to us, but we accept the adventure because we had not finished not know the city.

When the GPS indicated we had arrived, we all got off the car and walked into the pet store. We ran, but my mom and I were stopped for a lady who could not ignore me. I wanted to say: I'm sorry, I'm in a hurry to meet my brother, but mom says we should always be kind. When we find to daddy, he was on the floor with Champ, they were fused into a hug!. Until now, we do not know if Champ decided to adopt us or if he wanted to make all of us happy. When I looked, he smelled me to know me, but he did not ask, he did not torment me with stories or asked for my phone, he just let me look at him, and I thought ... I think it can work.

People who had Champ for adoption asked to dad to fill out paperwork, and put a micro chip in Champ. Since we  crossed our noses, we became friends. But we hesitate a little when Dad got him in the car. Already in a private environment I saw him finally.  He must have some color but it was difficult to differentiate and smelled, really smelly!. All the windows were down to breathe.

When we got home, mom put him under the shower, she needed  long time trying to find a dog under all the dirt, her hair was in knots and had long nails and broken. But underneath all that, we found a sweet dog that never attacks us, even to Benny. A faithful friend willing to protect us; a restless walker; and someone always ready to urine to water the plants around the world. We found my best friend packed in a brother.

That day, mom introduced him to my grandma in Mexico. Traditionally, she names all pets, so she looked for a moment, fortunately he was clean already, and after a brief pause she said: He has the look of a champion. And Dad said: Let's call him Champ!. And that's his name that all recognize: Champy, champignon.

As the days ran we discovered many facets of Champ, for example, when I don't want my food, he cleans my dish discreetly, he shares my taste for carrots and he is always willing to help Benny with his food. He likes to be hugged and walk, he is always ready to go for a walk. Although he is a little bit nervous.

We all believe that he was mistreated while he was living in another house and we've even begun to think that he was on the street for a while. Perhaps this is why he hates the snow and rain and he hates to wear sweater. But even in these conditions, he always comes with us; he is our angel ready to protect us.

I don't know why people buy puppies, only because they are cute creatures, or that's the idea until they get wet a room, destroy the furniture or eat shoes and then their only one destiny is to live around streets. But pets are more than that. We are a responsibility and a huge bag full of joy and good times.

If I would had asked God for a brother, my letter would say: I want a brother who can  wait until I decide that I do not want more food before he takes the opportunity to clean my dish and keeping the secret to my folks, that way, they will think that I ate all. He cares me even when mom takes me to the shower and he stays until is sure everything is fine with me. I need a brother willing to help to mom and dad when I don't want to eat.  Always ready to walk with me, no matter the weather. Who always has a caring hug when I have to go to the doctor or I had to let them to inject me or give me medicine. Play with me, and care for my folks and Benny.  And I want a bother with a funny smile. I need a brother who loves to be combed.  And please, he must like carrots and always be willing to jump on daddy when he sits to watch TV and if he is called Champ, that would be awesome ... I think God read my mind because he gave me everything I needed.

Champ is my ears, my eyes when darkness doesn't let me see, my companion in the endless hours of solitude. He does not care that I'm different from him. That sometimes I can not walk as fast as he can walk... Champ is my brother. The best I could find at a pet store.
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  1. I love reading Bubu and all the sweet things she has to say. I'm Bubu's fan!