Saturday, October 12, 2013


My alarm started ringing as programmed, it's very accurate!, the funny thing is that mom’s alarm sometimes does not work, so I make sure that she knows what time it is. I stared her for a moment, if  I don’t see signs of life from her, I put my nose on her face and if she pretend to ignore me I give her my paw, so she can wake up completely. I was assigned to this mission since Bubu sleeps in her own bedroom.

Dad usually gets up early, and wake up mom with a kiss when He is ready to go to work, but not even him was moving today. When I began  to  move mom, he got up and looked at me, and I felt some frustration, but he only got up to the bathroom and got back to bed and  snuggled ...
Mom moved just a little when I gave her a kiss, just the same way daddy say good morning at her every day, but she said: Champy, today is Saturday!. 

Saturday?, what does that mean?, that doesn’t exist for dogs!, I read that in a book about canine cognition, written by an expert, and You said the key word mom, TODAY, we don’t have days, but we have a very good internal clock, so we can know very accurate when is lunchtime, walking time and bedtime. That’s why is so important to comply with our habits, that keep us calm and keep away the anxiety.

I will make a note to our afternoon session: I must explaining mom the concept of time in dogs...

I had to do a little bit more pressure on her, since mom seemed still a bulge on the bed: let’s go  mom,  our boss is going to fire us if we do not complete our mission!.

Mom started moving, with reluctance. 

Come on mom,  you can sleep after breakfast!, let's go, is time to walk!.

I think that mom heard me clearly  because she said: it is not fair Champy, Bubu and you sleep after breakfast, but I don't have that privilege!.

What is wrong with you mom?, don’t  you sleep after breakfast?, are you sick?. Dogs sleep at regular intervals during the day, that’s the reason we are so happy!. Mommy, you're the expert in neurocognition!, your articles say that sleeping is good for the brain. Don’t tell me you don’t sleep after breakfast!.

Look, I'll add that topic for our afternoon discussion, but now, you must get up!.

Mama got up with reluctance and while she did it, I continued my dissertation:
When have you heard a dog saying: I don't want to walk  today, it's Saturday?, it is true that we sometimes refuse, but it has nothing to do with the day of the week, but with the weather, I mean, who wants to be outside if is snowing, raining or if the floor is wet?

For dogs the only day is today, today is the most important day of our lives, that’s why we eat as if we had never done it, go out to walk and smell as if we had never been there.

When we went to pick up Bubu, she was already awake and congratulated me for making everything possible so our Mission of the day could be done on time.

While we were walking, mom looked much better, so we are happy to make her life more pleasant, even if she stayed awake until 2 am last night…

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