Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Six degrees of separation

Someone asked to mom what life is. She replied what John Lennon wrote once: "Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans."

So my life has been spent between walking, waiting, doctors and meetings. One of these meetings was that I had with my dad. He landed in my life ... I must say is that I landed in your life ... I think the Bubu needed to learn to see life from a carrot.

So my life has been spent between walkings, waiting rooms, doctors and meetings. I met daddy at one of these meetings. He landed in my life ... or I must say that I landed in his life ... I think he needed a Bubu to learn to see life from a carrot.

But everything began with a strange encounter between mom and dad even before I was born. I think it was a Hungarian writer named Frigyes Karinthy who in a short story called Chains, he suggested a theory known as the six degrees of separation, trying to prove that anyone on the planet can be connected to any other person through a chain of acquaintances that has no more than five intermediaries (both people connecting with just six links).

However, sometimes people connect in a mysterious way, and my parents are a good example. Mom lived in Mexico and taught psychology, Dad lived in the United States and worked on multimedia design. No one introduced them, but they found each other by mistake and a click, and life united them forever.

I saw my mom talking through her computer every day with him. Mom talked funny, because he does not speak like us. But he made her laugh so much. They talked about everything and nothing, Mom is happy when he talks about him. One day she started telling me that someday I would meet him, and that day came ...

Mom bathed me and brushed all my hair, and I let her to put ribbons on my head. Mom left me to bring a toy. We took him to a beautiful lake at south of Mexico City. He had flown for several hours to see us, and brought my best friend to meet us, a black and white cow; he had bought it thinking of me, and he only had seen me on a computer screen.

His eyes shocked me, they were more blue in person than on screen!. When I saw his lips, I did understand nothing he said except when he said my name or mom's. I let him hold me, I didn’t feel any wish of biting him or run away, I let him walk with me. He smelled good, but best of all, he wanted my mom and grand mom.

Our first meeting marked our relationship and over the years, has become even closer. Now he takes care of me when mom travels, he prepares my food and takes me to the doctor. He helps me to up or down to go where I want. He is my dad and I could not find a better one!.

But he is not a consenting dad; I must say that my relationships are quite different; because mom is so soft, she let me walk as fast or slow as I  decide, and let me smell all that I wish, and let me eat what I want. But Dad ... I do not play with him. He is firm when tells me it's time to go home, and that we shouldn't play with  food. I do miss when mom travels but he cares for all of us, and if he wouldn't do it, I’m sure we would watch TV and eat carrots all day, but life is much more than that.

Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans. And as that happens, you meet persons and some of them stay to be part of each day. Whether by chance, probability or causality. You never know what will happen tomorrow. But when people have beautiful eyes, care for you and make mom laugh, he becomes a very important part of our life. Thanks for that!.

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  1. Bubu, so that means everybody can find someone special!, I love your story! I'm your fan!

  2. Bubu, I just found you and I love you already!