Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Behind the scenes: Lion King of the world

When everyone find their own talent, life changes. Talent is something that makes us feel so much passion for an activity that we do not want to leave it, thus we accumulate so many hours of practice that gives us as a result to be the best on that we have chosen to do. It makes us special!

More than one year ago, during one of our trips, Champy and I had opportunity to share time with our Lion. It is only a toy, but after some deeply observation, we found out that it was able to achieve this aesthetic plasticity that only a great talent can have.

I convinced Champy and mom  that we should try to exploit that something special from our friend, so we started working during past summer in a project titled "Lion King of the World" which gave us lots of fun.

The first thing was to find the precise locations to engage with Lion talent. Champy was named project director and he  did not a difficult job finding several locations in our garden. Once we have chosen locations, we tried to plan the best time during the day to get a good light in order to develop our concept. While mom prefers morning and after 4 pm light, sometimes it was not possible to work during those hours, so we had several failed attempts.

Finding the location and prepare everything took us long time, and then explain to Lion exactly what we wanted became moments of fun. Sometimes we had everything ready and  Sun decided to hide,  or Lion refused to negotiate with gravity.

The first series was published last fall,  but honestly it did not have a good welcome from the critic. However mom  says, that the most  important thing is not to work for others but for ourselves. We have waited to have snow this year and convince Lion that give us any pose that is worthwhile to share. Although until now, the snow has not appeared.

If you want to see the complete series, you can find it at: Lion King of the World finds his talent

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