Friday, July 19, 2013

The story of a life in coffe and milk color

When I arrive to my mom’s house by very first time, I met Dana. She was a cat, which used tobrush  our hair when she was in a bad mood, which was very often, but she was a sweet cat with grandmom, uncles.

I do not know exactly how and when Dana arrived to the house, but grandma says that it happened many years before I was born, she already had several years being not only part of the scene, but of everybody’s  cat when I took part of the family, and  she didn’t need long time to say welcome, but the truth we knew that we were part of a special family.

My uncle was her best friend, they had  a kind relationship of husband and wife, because sometimes she was angry, but when the  night came down, no matter what they always slept together. If he was not at home, she could slept  with someone else. She liked to sleep under the blankets and she loved to be pet while she makes a noise like ron-ron.

I don't know how to describe her, but what I can say is that she had two beautiful blue eyes, as  blue deep color such as Lake Superior. Her dress was white, but one  day playing on the table, she threw the coffee and the colors were mixed, making a canvas between white, coffee and coffee with milk, and she cleaned her dress constantly with her raspy tongue.

Her hands  had a very clear  pink color, if she was in good mood, she caressed you, but if she  was angry by any reason, she does not hesitate to use her claws and leave an autograph on your skin, but she also had a strong ron-ron for letting us know that she was happy.

She used to patrol between all of us making sure  we were behaving correctly. Dana was that kind of friend that you know will always be there to show you the world, and let you know when you have done something wrong, that’s why she earned the nickname of wicked Dana.

The day that mom and I moved to the United States I said goodbye to her, I saw it at times when we have video conferences with grandma and occasionally my uncle sent us pictures of her.

Monday Dana went to sleep like each night but she didn’t wake up anymore. She decided to play in one of her dreams, surely one very cute, One si amazing that no doubt she is happy, playing as always.

She left a mark on all of us, always there, always Dana... Mom says that absence does not hurt, but we’ll misses the presence of those who decide to leave before us.

Danita, wherever you are, you will always be our friend, thank you for sharing your life with me!.

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