Friday, March 14, 2014

10 reasons to love my sister

In recent days mom and dad have been very concerned about Bubu, sometimes they go out with her for several hours and when they return, mom puts new pills in the drawer where we have all our medications. Some days ago, they begun to put  her fluids daily, with a huge needle. Mom says  we must do all this to make her feel better.
Bubu says this will give us more time to have more adventures together, I don’t know why but she never complains, although sometimes mom has to put pills up to 5 times in her mouth, because no matter what, Bubu has not lost her humor. Even she let them to stab her ears to measure her glucose levels. Although we have already tried to confuse mom and I try to put my ear, but everybody says this doesn’t work that way…

Even if I have no memories of my first brothers, surely they  used to fight with me for food and they jumping on me and I believe it, because I am so scary all the time, but instead, Bubu has always a snack for me,  this is only one reason why I want to tell her how much she means to me:
10: She selected me as chief of missions, that position is given to the bravest and I feel very lucky with this assignation.

9: She let me take a bath with her!, this is not only convenient to save time and water, but makes me feel that everything will be ok!,  even I let mom washing my ears if Bubu is with me. 

8: She named official of exploration, this means I must looking  for places with grass during winter, I walk on the snow to measure the density of the same, and analyze if it will withstand the weight of mom and Bubu together. It is a difficult task but for me is a great pleasure, except when I sink into the snow, because it implies that I must start again searching for a safe route.

7: She let me eat what she doesn't want. She doesn’t feel upset, or says: this is mine!. 

6: She doesn’t mind if I run around the house chasing my toys and stumble with her, but mom reminds me to be careful because I can hurt her.

5: She never laughs at me when mom puts me her sweater by mistake.

4: She doesn't care who looks better in the photos, she always puts her best smile!.

3: She assigned me the task of waking mom up every day so we can go out walk or to fulfill missions on time, and I have never failed her!.

2: She shared me her passion for carrots!

1: When she saw me by very firt time, though she had met other dogs, when I smelled her, she let me be part of her family, and I have kept my word to always take care. 

This is why she will always be my sister whom I love so much and this is why I ask her so deeply to take all her pills and accept all the needles, because I want she can be with me for many years more…

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