Thursday, June 18, 2015

Why don't rain stop?

Someone forgot to read my emails. I was very clear saying that it’s perfectly fine a little rain to plants, but days and days of rain, can be really bad for doggy walk, it is frankly ridiculous!

How can I to go party if the rain falls during our rush hours?. Dogs have our commute, this is between 6 and 9 am. We make company toour owners to their morning walks, so they can wake up and discover that they have forgotten to do something, while we water plants and stretch our paws.

This morning for example, I struggled to wake up to my mom, when finally she woke up, she looked at her phone and said therewas no rain in the forecast. We got up and looked through the window and it was dry!, but when we opened the door, it seemed as if someone dumped a bucket of water on us. It was raining again!

So I have to change my schedule to carry out my missions.

Fortunately I have a very active social life, my friend Linda does not forget about  me, and every day she is sure that I take a walk with some of my friends. Sometimes I walk with Huntley and Brinkley, they are two old Golden Retriever. Sometimes I see Thor, he is a mix between Husky and Pit Bull; Although I can not forget my good friend Sophie!

Sophie like Thor are puppies who do not know when stop a game. They have such level of energy that make me feel dizzy, to the point when I ask them to stop, although I don't do it badly, it's just that I love peace and quiet moments, like those that I can have with  Huntley and Brinkley.

I have another friend, but I almost do not interact with him, his name is Andy. He is 15 years since some months ago. Like Bubu he is diabetic and blind, but I've seen it with his brothers.

So, our social life is damaged with so much rain which does not allow us to go for a walk. There have been days where I can barely go out few minutes to fulfill the missions require as a dog.

Although I've sent various messages so someone can close the heaven shower, it seems that plants are so happy and they do not conform with dogs water, no! they always want more, but mom says that we should not complain, because our gardens are very pretty.

But, when there is not rain, the humidity level does not make please our job. So when I can not walk at noon, mom and I go to my friend Linda's House and sit on her front porche to see life. Sometimes we eat watermelon and drink water when is very hot. We like to look at how the squirrels eat peanuts, while Sophie and I spent time together.

 I think that if someone asks me about my summer memories, I will say that I've been looking at life with a huge peace at noon from Linda’s front porche. There is nothing better than just looking without disturbing the ceaseless flow of existence.

Otherwise, mom and I have worked hard in the garden, trying to paint the world of colors, making a special space for the bees and butterflies and walked when the heat, high humidity or rain let us walk.

My dad bought us several trees that they begin to build a forest in our own backyard. They will no doubt eventually give us plenty of shade and I will not have complaints during the summer, because I do not really like the heat or rain.

Mom and I have started to plan a photo session with Lion King of the world and take pictures of flowers. Spring session was very productive, but Summer means new visual challenges that we will not let pass. We must remain active and encouragement. We know that Bubu would like to see us busy!

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