Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy daddy's day

My dad says he is not my dad because I'm adopted, at least what everybody  believe!

I was not adopted by this family, I adopted them all!. When I saw them getting in the pet store that summer afternoon, I decided that they were going to take care of me for the rest of my life.

The first person I appropriated was my dad. I jumped so strongly to his arms that we both ended up on the floor. Then they took me home. Since then all of them have taken care of me, taking me to visit to my doctor, they have accompanied me to walk, and taking me to enjoy some trips.

They have ignored myfoolish behavior... Last time mom was traveled, I almost ate our door. I did not want to to break it!, but I've seen how everybody pull the door to open it, the only one problem was the absence of fingers in my hands, soI tried to pull with my mouth. I was sure eventually it was going to open!

Dad was not mad at me, he understood that the problem was that I don't like to be alone. Situations like make me to ensure that I have a dad who is going to take care of me and will let me eat things that mom does not approve.
Reasons like that let me write you this today, to my daddy, to tell you that no one asks if you want or not to be my dad, I decide and I have no doubt that you are the best Dad in the world and planets around, and I know very well that when you can read this, I will earn at least one Dorito  and mom doesn’t need to know. Don't worry daddy, this will be our secret!

Happy daddy’s day and to the rest of the calendar, happy day in Champy’s life!

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