Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Contracts of life

Since three days ago I am officially 14 years and 6 months  old. I remember very clear when mom huged me by very first time and I felt her arms.

She received me with a piece of blanket, and no promises. None of us swore we would take care of eachother forever. We have not signed a contract, or define our obligations. 

We did not claim that our love would be forever, I did not say that I would not bite her. She did not suggest that she would prepare my food or clean up my butt. We did not signed any document, only we care and give us a love that only few can understand.

If someone had told me that she would use as a mouse of laboratory to her ideas, no doubt, I would have said: "no thanks, Bubu is not a good participant"; same as if I had told mom that she had to clean my poop, with no doubt she would have preferred to buy a book.

When someone knows us, show it to us!, like Champy who has care me since we met. He has bitten me only once!, but don’t take it wrong, he is not a bad brother, but I wanted to try his breakfast. 

Or what can I say about my grandmothers!, they  love me for who I am and not for what I could be. They do not see my blindness or my deafness, only look a Bubu and they are glad because I am still here, elebrating each day as if it were the last, as I have always lived.

A few days ago my doctor told mom that any day she decided would be okay to put me to sleep. Everybody wasscared, I had stomach ache!, so doctor said there is more nothing to do, that my kidney is broken. 

I have talked a lot with mom about it, because I have seen how she fixes my toys, and I wonder if she can not  glue my kidney, perhaps with some heavy duty thread, a little bit of special  glue and a kiss as she did it with cow or Lion King... but mom says that it is not possible to do that with my kidney.

So we enjoyed every second,  as we always have done it. No contracts or promises.

Like  flowers during spring, which already have sprouted to greet me!

We are walking again and feeling  the sun on my belly while we take care of our  garden. The adventure of life opens roads and I hope to have the opportunity to take a picture of me surrounded by tulips, because we work hard during the autumn to see them smiling in spring!

If you ask me what  love is, I would say that love is the smile that we give every morning, covered with kisses we buy while we dream, to all we want and. Love is the force that cures all diseases, like a needle and thread, only that when we break, that love keeps us in memory of those who we knew someday.

I asked mama do not cry for me when I leave, but she says that we've never made promises and we will not begin to spoil all this...

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