Friday, October 5, 2012

Walking between leaves

I’m surprised to see how time runs!, I still remember the cold of snow in my paws  and this morning while our walk I felt the rustling of the leaves that drop from trees. A few days ago mom put me a sweater before go out early in the morning, so I think that autumn is visiting. It thus came as suddenly, without asking.

After my birthday party, we have been a bit busy, Champy was diagnosed with arthritis. He began to have trouble walking up the stairs. He usually runs and it bounces on a toy and I jumped up to the sofa happily, but he began to cry an afternoon. 

Daddy thought that inadvertently mom had hit him, but he was walking front us when he began to cry.

We couldn’t understand why he cried, but he began to ask for King  treatment, which includes carry him to climb steps. It is a bit complicated because mom gives me Queen treatment, so she must climb with me and then do the same with Champy. I have to say that mom and I also have arthritis, so we decided to make a deal and not to go out so often unless we have a mission to work with.

Arthritis is a degenerative disease of the joints that occurs as an inflammation or tear of the them. In Champy’s case, his hip’s joint is worn out. It’s sad because he used to run happy everywhere and there is nothing to stop him to go out running with dad  during summer afternoons or move up stairs as if there is a carrot cake in the kitchen.

Our doctor gave us Champy’s diagnoses after taking some pictures. Mom says that they are like the pics she takes, but these are made with a special camera that can see our bones and what we have in our stomach.  Champy’s photos showed that his hip joint was damaged and he had eaten chicken with rice for breakfast. Doctor gave him medication for pain relief and suggested a special diet.

My arthritis is much more advanced than his but we enjoy our walks, although I am going step by step, but he is still very young, and has many races to give. We promised no matter the pain, we will come out to walk every day. Life has so much prepared just for us, like the leaves that bounce off the trees leaving them naked in preparation for winter.

I still remember autumn paints in color the world, there are trees that they are green in spring and summer, but around October, someone changes the landscape with golden or bright red and one day all leaves fall out from trees and upholster the yards and paths. The feeling of jumping in a mountain of leaves is only comparable with feeling the snow. 

When leaves start to jump, like rain it is a sure sign that winter is near.
Es un poco complicado pues mamá me da trato de reina, así que debe subir conmigo y luego subir a Champy.

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