Monday, December 16, 2013

Captain and crew

When mom takes out the luggage and begins to put things in it, means that something will happen. Every now and then, someone else can come to take care of us and sometimes means that we will begin a new super adventure...
It’s funny to see mom in the middle of the room like thinking, then she looks around and when she can find what she is searching for, throws it to the luggage without much care, reviewing her mental list and then sits down again front her screen trying to focus on work. 

When dad gets back home, both reviewed the list again and  next day mom searches things from here and there. This time she asked me about my favourite toys and when we choose them together, she took them with Piggy to the washer, that meant that we would be going with them and enjoy time together!.

That morning everything was ready, we went out to walk and breakfast as usual, but mom and dad began to  the list again,  what can not we  forget?, mom said: Bubu insulin, syringes and food for them... Yes, there was no doubt!,  We were going with them.

I was the first one that got in the car, then Mom put to Bubu beside me. Dad self declared captain of the ship and the entire crew should obey his orders, he had the mission of taking the ship and all the crew on the right road. 

I could see how he put the information of our journey on the computer of the ship, said Austin... I told mom that I had never smelled that street, that it could not accomplish my duties as chief of operations, but dad said I was relieved of my position and  I could consider these days as vacations, this time he would take us to our destination.

At times we could hear music, mom took some photos of the road, sometimes all of us talked. I think that it is fabulous that the entire crew are such good friends because that makes easier any adventure!.

When the ship got fuel, we used that time to stretch our legs, which is very appreciated when the road is so long. The first day we navigated for about 10 hours, our first stop was in a city in Oklahoma. Shortly before arrival, the ship fell into a hole on the road and although the captain did not lose control, he was concerned about the possible damage.

 When we arrived at our first stop, dad reviewed the tire, which had a bubble, so he called to an urgent meeting and explained us the options: find someone who could change check and maybe change wheel in that city, but it was a holiday and there was not much hope on that option. The other was driving with our damaged ship, commend to God and reaching our destination, where we would have help, with no doubt.

If the tire finally explod under the pressure, there was the risk of losing control of the ship, so everyone should be prepared for a collision.

Fortunately, nothing happened and the hotel where we landed was very nice and a good area to fulfill missions, friendly pets, so without protest, we have dinner and rest, because the next day we had to get up early to continue on the road.

The next day, we prayed before begin our trip, for the first time, we moved slower than the rest of the cars, but we reach our destination on safe, we could see the immense and almost endless high roads and shortcuts in Dallas, they really love cars!. A while later we drove the final mile and we were received with a huge hug from our family!.

The ship was repaired, we enjoyed our time and three days later we started returning home, a little bit sad to leave so much love provided. We thanked our cousin Benji for letting us be in his home.

During our return, we move faster than many cars, reason why dad is the best captain of the world.

On the way the road was covered by a dense fog, it was  so thick, that we could not see us nose!, mom as co-pilot, asked if it was better to stop, but thanks to the expertise of our captain he ordered to continue, because it is more dangerous to stop since other cars can’t see our lights, so we drove slowly and acrefully, the call of extreme security measures was done, involving being prepared for collision at any time, so I must sit down correctly and care for Bubu, to avoid hurting her. 

Dad asked us if we had seen a couple of deer on the side of the road, and later he saw a pair of raccoons, that could causing an unexpected and not desired collision, but dad sees everything!.

At the last stop before get home, mom was relieved from her co-pilot position because we will have a new one, he is our friend, a very special one because he lets us be in his lap when he comes home and has helped us when we need him, so he always has a special place with us. 

Slightly stretch our legs when we visited his home and we all prepare to navigate the last hours, which were very nice. We stopped to eat and leaves some messages at any point in Iowa and then we got back to the car, wanting to get home and rest.

Certainly, when there is a good leader who knows understand and listen to the crew, as well as a good atmosphere of camaraderie among the crew, trips become unforgettable.

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